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Operating a Short Term Rental in San Antonio

San Antonio Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance and Proposed Revised Ordinance

Read the ordinance, learn how permitting and taxes work. The proposed revised ordinance from 2.21.2024 can be downloaded here. To see revisions on 4/25/24, click on the Summary of Changes button, below.

Introduction to Permitting and Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)

How do I get a permit in San Antonio? Download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for this workshop here.

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Collection & Remittance

This presentation includes the new City of San Antonio payment vendor, Avenu Insights, effective 7/1/2023. Find the latest information about remitting HOT at this website. Short term rentals are subject to Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT). HOT must be collected for stays under 30 days and remitted to the taxing authority. Pay San Antonio/Bexar County HOT here. Pay State of Texas HOT here

Getting a Permit

Permits are required to operate an STR within the City of San Antonio. Here is a link to the city's website with directions; are the instructions to apply via the city's permit site, BuildSA. EMail with any questions. To explore whether you can get a permit for your address, see below about using the City Zoning Map.

Renew a Permit/Cancel a Permit

Renewing a Permit: Permits are valid for three years; you should receive an email to renew before they expire. Here are the instructions for renewing through the city's permit portal, BuildSA. EMail​ with any questions.

Canceling a Permit: To cancel, send an email to and with the following:

  1. A short statement confirming you want to cancel your STR Permit and close out your HOT Account

  2. Property address

  3. STR Permit Number (STR-xx-xxxxxxxx)

  4. HOT Account Number

Finding STRs on the City Zoning Map

Need to find out if your street already has too many STRs? Learn how to use the zoning map here before you apply for a permit.

Reporting an STR

Find out if an address has an STR Permit by looking at the map here. On this page you may also look up the 24 hour contact (name, phone number) for the property. 

REPORTING A SUSPECTED UNPERMITTED STR: To report a suspected STR operating without the proper permit, you can:

  • Call 311 and report a violation for a short term rental operating without a permit. You can submit a report anonymously.

  • Go online to 311 (, choose “Property Maintenance & Construction” and select “Short Term Rentals Permit.” These can be submitted anonymously.

  • Email Include the property address and, if possible, the active listing as shown on the advertising website (such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway).


  • Noise - call and file a report with SAPD's non-emergency number, 210.207.SAPD (7273). Obtain case number and report via email to

  • Trash -  Call 3-1-1

  • Parking - Call 210.207.SAPD (7273) for street parking concerns, blocking driveways, parking on private property, parking too close to intersections, and parked vehicles impeding traffic on city streets.

  • Finding the 24 hr. contact for an STR - To access, please go to the BuildSA portal  at Then, Click on “Land Development” and input the STR Permit number in the “Application Number” field; Click “Search”
    Click on “More Details” and look under “Related Contacts.” If you don't have the permit number, search for the permit number by using  the address boxes to put in the street number and street name.

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