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What We Do


Learn what it takes to start and successfully operate a short term rental business in San Antonio. Get help with challenges and compliance.


With thousands of rental properties in the area, use our voice to educate city and county leaders about the economic value and needs of the community.


Support good neighbors, strong neighborhoods, best practices, and good community ties; connect hosts with services and local businesses.

About Us

The Short Term Rental Association of San Antonio (STRSA) is a community of  short term rental (STR) hosts, managers and service organizations operating in San Antonio, Bexar County and surrounding areas.


The Association exists:


  • To educate, advocate for, and support short term rental hosts and owners in the greater San Antonio, area;

  • To promote short term rentals through advocacy and education for community, neighborhood associations, and city, county and state officials;

  • To support strong and vital neighborhoods and residential areas in and around San Antonio; and

  • To encourage all short term rental hosts to be good neighbors and community leaders.

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